introductory level assembly language programs. Bit Addressable RAM: 20h to 2Fh The 8051 supports a special feature which allows access to bit variables. This is where individual memory bits in Internal RAM can be set or cleared. In all there are 128 bits numbered 00h to 7Fh. Being bit variables any one variable can have a value 0 or 1. RE: Doubts regarding interfacing of gsm modem with 8051 Per Westermark If you have already managed to implement the rest of your program in assembler, you don't need to download any assembler code for your GSM modem - just write the code.

Dec 06, 2018 · Assembly language 8051 for servo motor. Discussion in 'Programmer's Corner' started by Eugene Yip, Dec 6, 2018. Hi, I wrote an assembly code for servo motor. I found that the delay will set the maximum angle of the motor.